Gatheringarticles Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why do I need to create an account on Gatheringarticles to submit ?
A: In order to submit and have an article posted, you need to create a username and password
and log into the site.

Q: I can?t remember my username/password! What can I do?
A: Use the login link and request a new password. Your login name and a link to reset your password will be sent to the email address you used to create your account.

Q: Where can I add/edit my biography?
A: On the account dashboard page, select Profile from the left side menu. There is a text area where you can fill in your biography.

Q: Where can I change my screen name?
A: You can change your screen name in your profile. You may choose one from a list where you see ?Display name?. You cannot change your username, but you can change your nickname. For your display name, you can use your nickname, your full name, your first name only or your last name.

Q: What kind of articles do we accept?
A: In order to maintain our high standard of article review, Gatheringarticless only accepts original and unique content which is not loaded with affiliate links. We seek people with expertise in a wide variety of topics that can provide fresh and unique articles to help ensure that only the best content gets listed and thereby gets you the exposure you are looking for.