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Diamonds are perfectly capable of taking your breath away. This gemstone may be a by-product of carbon, but it simply dazzles its way through the world and makes people game in awe, admiration and jealousy. Most people cannot afford to buy diamonds because of their high price tags, but there is a way to reduce […]

Consider the 4Cs when buying cheap loose diamonds

The James Bond movie “Diamonds are Forever” has the apt name because diamonds are indeed forever. Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone gets dazzled by diamonds. These colorless gemstones have cause women to swoon and men to fight and kill and yet, there has been no lack of demand for diamonds. If […]

Wholesale diamonds online: The smartest way to buy quality diamonds

Diamonds are one of the most popular gems in the world; this is something we all agree with. It is popular because of its breathtaking beauty, the sparkling and the shape. Diamonds come in a variety of grades, and these grades determine their price. However, the grades depend primarily on the mine from which the […]

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Diamonds are ever so attractive. Buying diamond jewellery is every girl’s dream. In fact, every special occasion involves a piece of diamond in some way or the other. For example, your boyfriend proposes to you with a diamond ring, your antique family jewellery invariably includes something made of diamond and so on. Diamonds are so […]

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Beauty, elegance, perfection, merit, royalty; any and all can be signified by one word, a diamond. The gem known to mankind for centuries has stood the test of time to emerge as the most coveted stone, but affordable for a few. Needless to say, as the purchasing power and inclination to spend rises among people, […]

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Diamonds are priceless not only because they are expensive stones but also because they are a symbol of love. When you gift diamonds to a special one it sows your love and commitment for the person. Weddings and engagements are incomplete without diamond rings. There are different types of diamonds available in the market and […]

Guide to buy wholesale diamonds online

Diamonds are cut in many shapes such as round, oval, cushion, etc. which also determines their price to a certain extent based on their weight, color, clarity, polish and a few other factors. If you wish to buy wholesale diamonds online then you can compare the wholesale diamond prices offered by different sellers and then […]

Getting wholesale loose diamonds at a good price, points to remember

If you are a retailer and looking to buy wholesale loose diamonds then you need to keep certain things in mind. For instance, are these diamonds GIA certified? GIA or the Gemological Institute of America is accepted worldwide as an authority of diamond certification, being independent of any wholesaler or retailer of diamonds. This makes […]

Things you should consider before purchasing designer pendants

Are you looking forward to buy pendant or the other gold jewellery online? In this case, shopping for from the net sites is actually an honest choice. This may assist you save time further as efforts. You’ll be able to get several rose gold ornaments and other jewellery in which you’ll have an interest. but […]