Panama Corporation Registration

Overview of Panama Corporation Panama companies, also known as Panama Corporations are created under the General Corporation Law, Law 32 of February 26, 1927. Law 32 has been used as a model for many other jurisdictions and offers a flexible corporate structure, provides investor privacy and ensures the legal framework to conduct legitimate business activities […]

Nansha Free Trade Zone:Good Choice For Wise Businessmen

Q1.Where is Nansha Free Trade Zone? Nansha Free Trade Zone, which is in the southernmost part of Guangzhou, is located in the estuary of Pearl River , as the largest area of Guangdong FTZ. Q2.How large is Nansha FTZ? Total 60 square kilometer. Q3.How many areas does Nansha FTZ mainly divide into? And what are […]

Accounting Services for WFOEs in China

Once your WFOE is officially registered, it’s required to maintain proper accounting records in accordance with accounting standards in China and to report taxes on both monthly (for business tax, individual income tax) and quarterly (corporate income tax) basis. Late submissions will face penalties and surcharges. WFOE must register its tax reporting method with the […]

China government enable personal credit business

China government  enable personal credit business, once the company on the  black list, or  legal person is on black list, as well as on the black list of court , people related can’t go abroad, can’t loan to buy a house, a car, also can’t buy the ticket now, please pay attention to personal credit […]

Hong Kong Company Incorporation

Why set up HK company and subsidiary WFOE in China? As many foreign companies continue to source from China via Hong Kong (HK), it is worthwhile to take a closer look as to why this model enjoys ongoing popularity and how to implement an efficient set-up. There are many good reasons for companies to manage […]

Lowest Price Ever!Hong Kong Company

According to the latest notice from Hong Kong Government , the fee of tax registration certificates is going to reduce 2,000 HKD, since 2016. April 1st. That means , the Hong Kong Company Registration and Annual Aduit is going have a great discount! That`s the first fee reduction since 2014, after 2 year`s high price, this policy is really considered to be a good news for businessmen. So don`t heisate to register Hong Kong Company any more! In order to respond the policy and reward our customers, Noble Consulting will provide the best ever for you! Please contact us as soon as possible! There are many benefits of Hong Kong Company: 1. No industry limited, Free to name the company, wide scope of business 2. The registration procedure can be done by agency 3. Hong Kong is one of the world`s freest trade port , goods can come in & out freely, and the currency is flexible. 4.The account opening procedure is simple, and the offshore business can be dealt online freely. 5. Worldwide popularity, which is good for starting a global brand. The registration procedure is simple too, you only need to provide Noble Consulting with following documents: 1. The name of the registration company, and Noble Consulting will check its availability for you 2. Copies of the applicant`s passport or ID card. 3. Business scope of the Hong Kong Company 4. Sign the processed documents 5. Registration time: 8 workdays In addition to the great discount of Hong Kong Company Registration, the annual audit fee of Hong Company is reduced great too! You only need to provide Noble Consulting with your latest BR and a copy of  the annual report! Make Hong Kong Company Registration or annual audit in Noble Consulting, you can get those following services for free!!! 1. Secretary address service (for one year) 2. Telephone answering and mails receiving service 3. Conseling service for Tax 4. Annual Inspection Remind 5. Professional trainning of Hong Kong account 6. Safe documents storage service Welcome to our NOBLE CONSULTING, Any questions for China Company Registration, Hong Kong Company […]

How to apply for the Foreign Experts Certificate(Teacher Visa)

Requirements for Foreign Experts Certificate - working visa for foreign teachers, it is only qualified to obtain this certificate if the company has the Employment of Foreign Experts Certificate issued by the Bureau of Experts, and applicant has International English Teacher Certification of TESOL . The validation date for Foreign Experts Certificate should not excess 1 year each time.  Foreign Experts Certificate should be extended in foreign experts authority every year when it is due to be expired. And Foreign Experts Certificate will be invalid if failed to extend the certificate in time. If there is any change in employer, this certificate should be returned to the issuing authority, and new Foreign Experts Certificate should be applied in the relevant authority where the new employer is.   Welcome to our NOBLE CONSULTING, Any questions for China Company Registration, Hong Kong Company Registration or China WFOE Formation, pls feel free to contact us! Mobile:(+86)18802031002 -24hours on call! Email: service@setupchinacompany.com Skype: gz_ncc Add: World Trade Center , South Tower, Room S2208, No. 375,Huanshi Dong Road(ExitB,Taojin)

The best parrot toys to engage your loved pet bird

If someone has a pet and they don’t take proper care of it, then they should be ashamed of being pet owners. Thankfully, most of the pet owners know what their pets want and they make arrangements accordingly. Most of the pets love what they get – they are like children who are completely dependent […]

Save on shopping for bird supplies online

Birds are wonderful pets to have at your home. They are not demanding at all and are mostly no maintenance pets. If you just get the right kind of bird supplies, your bird will be more than happy with the arrangements. And to ensure that your pet bird is more than just happy, get some […]

Lake District Walking Tours: A Walk to Remember

The Lake District is one of the most famous national parks in the UK. Millions of people flock in this region’s countryside every year to witness the picaresque of the fells. The District boasts craggy hilltops, shinning lakes and mountain tarns that stir the imaginations of the avid nature lovers. Even William Wordsworth, John Ruskin, […]