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Wheelchair accessible vehicles-feasibility and choice

WAVs are widely available in the market for the handicap people to use. There are a variety of cars one can choose from and also a variety of legalized dealers. The financing system for the procurement is easy. Trucks or vans Vehicles both big and small can be modified for the easy accessibility of wheelchairs. […]

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles – Adding Speed to Your Life

How to buy? Wheelchair accessible vehicles are probably the most important addition to civilized system. Mobility impaired people need to sit in a vehicle – not only as a luxury, but as a daily doing.  Time has come when an access to a vehicle is no more a matter of decisiveness. According to recent studies, […]

Wheelchair accessible vehicles-benefits of rental vehicles

WAVs are travel necessity of the disabled people. Other than used and new handicap adaptive vehicles rental vehicle services too are found in the market. Temporary services Many people with temporary disability or low level disability can go for rented disability assisted vehicles as they do not need these vehicles for a long time and […]

Choosing wheelchair accessible vans

Minivans and vans are the most ideal models for conversion to accessible vehicles. These are the only two types of cars that have enough space to accommodate wheelchairs and the modifications that are required to make it accessible. There isn’t much difference in the type of conversions made to the van and minivan but a […]

Keeping wheelchair accessible vans safe during winter

The prolonged blistering cold winter months can wreak havoc on your wheelchair accessible van. The icy cold weather can cause damage that wouldn’t occur during warmer months. Cold air in the van, icy windows and damp and frozen seats are the many maladies your van will begin to suffer from. It’s also very important to […]

Renting wheelchair accessible vans for emergencies

Life for a disabled person is hard.  Even with all the latest innovations to make their life easier, there are still many challenges they face that are invisible to other people. Caregivers, friends and families of disabled people also suffer through hardships while taking care of them. This is not to say that disabled people […]

Buying a wheelchair accessible van in 4 steps

In order to lead an active life, it is important for a disabled person to have a wheelchair accessible van. A loss in physical mobility should not hold a person back from living life to the fullest extent. Wheelchair accessible vans are the newest mobility technology in automobiles that allow disabled people to be driven […]

The wonders of wheelchair accessible vans

In the modern era, wheelchair accessible vans have come of age. They are safer, easier to use and more powerful than ever before. Their effect on improving the lives of countless disabled persons is well documented.  They have also made the jobs of caregivers a little easier. Imagine driving yourself and going out on your […]

How to rent a wheelchair accessible van

You might need to rent a wheelchair accessible van for any number of reasons. If you’re new to the concept of wheelchair accessible vans or just new to the idea of renting one, here is a brief guide on how to rent them. Renting a regular car is easy and most people are accustomed to […]

Wheelchair accessible vehicles – A fresh breath of hope

No person wants to be confined in one place. Everyone has the right to travel and WAVs provide that path to the people with disability. What is meant by WAVs? WAVs are the most convenient way to travel for the handicap people. Many vehicles in the market are modified which allows an easy access to […]