Mark Remley found many partners and backers for his production of the elaborate horse show Valitar. One of Mark Remley’s local partners was a San Diego-based animal care center, a nonprofit organization that works to help animals and people in the greater San Diego area. One of the goals of the center is for people and animals to help and heal each other if necessary.

This ideal that people help animals and animals help people was one of the beliefs of the founder of the center which now bears her name. She was devoted to animals throughout her life. When she was a child growing up in Los Angeles, her family had a cow in the back yard. As she aged she always had pets, and once she married her husband and had children the family was never without dogs. All of the furniture was covered in plastic so the dogs would be able to sit anywhere in the house.

In 1972, both the founder and a group of like-minded friends envisioned the facility the animal center grew to be. She always imagined a place that would combine complete animal care services with public education. Even though the founder died before she could see the animal center completed, her dreams have been the inspiration for the facility and the services that exist today.

At the wonderful and effective animal care center, animals are cared for and often adopted or paired with disabled children as therapeutic pets. The center is not an animal shelter, and practices a no-kill policy. One of the main purposes of the center is to provide education to the public on animals and the ways they can improve quality of life.

The center is also very experienced with horses, which is why Mark Remley chose to establish a partnership. One of the stipulations of the partnership is that a portion of all ticket sales from Mark Remley’s show Valitar would go to the center. Specifically, the center’s Equine and Large Animal Hospital and its Therapeutic Rider Program would receive the funding from the ticket sales.

By partnering with a long-established and well intentioned group like the San Diego-based animal center, Mark Remley was making a wise business decision. Mark Remley was also demonstrating that he understands the importance of giving back to the community, especially when the organization he is giving to shares his passion for horses. Both parties will benefit from this partnership, and there may be more lucrative opportunities for both in future.