Glasgow’s housing current market has stalled as have most in Scotland, but what on earth is offering and what is not? What spots are greatest and which kind of residence is actually selling? Here are some on the view from some Glasgow estate brokers.

To begin with lets consider the key areas for offering in Glasgow; South, East & West. Traditionally Glasgow West has always been the most popular area for promoting in Glasgow. With its large student and professional population, demand is still high. Ok, 3 years ago any good flat used to hit closing dates with multiple offers for the set date being received by the Estate Agent. Although closing dates are not as popular some Glasgow estate brokers are reporting there come back in Glasgow West. The G12 post code seems to be doing very well in fact and although sales are taking a bit longer, priced right an 8 week average has been seen.

Around to the South side the at any time popular regions like Shawlands remain advertising but having that bit a lot more time. However, households particularly are doing effectively on this location. Other spots like Kings Park, Burnside & Cambuslang are slower, in fact flats are taking a good time to sell. Most Glasgow estate agents agree that bungalows seem to be holding there own and although they may be selling for under the Home Report valuations demand is even now very high.

Where we have seen a slow down is certainly the East End. The East End has a good mixture of properties old or new households and flats but demand seems to have stalled big time. The actually common Dennistoun has seen a hasty retreat from buyers.

One common theme seems to be Ex local authority properties. Most properties in amongst council properties are very very slow. This may be because properties in what may be deemed better locations are lower in price and buyers are seeking smaller properties but in better areas.

One among the issues appears to be that where this are several properties in the place sellers are under reducing each other to accomplish a sale and for that reason decreasing the sales charges for that region. Some parts in Glasgow have witnessed declines of above 20% by itself because of to this simple fact.

So to sum up should you have a bungalow during the West Stop assume the Glasgow estate agent to offer your home pretty rapidly. If you have a two bedroom flat in an ex-local authority area you might have to wait a long time prior to offering.

But in accordance to Glasgow Estate Agents it is not all doom and gloom specifically people who do letting. There’re reporting bigger that actually need and finding new landlords is their only difficulty. Therefore if you’re about to promote, you’ll want to maybe take into consideration allowing in its place. The industry continues to trundle alongside, but first time buyers are being priced beyond the mortgage industry still. No information from your Government that will help Scottish 1st time consumers. This will nicely alter immediately after the May perhaps Scottish elections.