Cupping therapy has been an essential part of the Traditional Chinese Medicine practice for centuries. But it gained sudden popularity four years back.

During the 2016 Rio Olympics, several athletes were seen sporting red spots all over their bodies. Many Olympians including the swimming legend Michael Phelps was seen winning the gold with red marks all over his back and arms. Even the USA men’s gymnastics team used cupping for efficient healing. Suddenly, it triggered the popularity of cupping.

Add to it, the influence of celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston, Kim Kardashian, and many more, you understand why the ancient practice is finding its fans in the Western world.

Cupping therapy is an ancient healing practice that focuses on alleviation of pain, loosening of muscles, improvement in blood flow, and better relaxation. Many people even consider it a form of deep-tissue massage. A licensed therapist will put special kinds of cups on the skin to generate suction and increase muscle recovery and optimize the energy flow in the body.

In addition to muscle relaxation and quicker recovery, cupping therapists believe that cupping can help in treating several types of conditions such as:



3)Varicose veins.

4)High blood pressure.

5)Anxiety and depression.

6)Digestive complaints.

7)Shoulder pain, cervical spondylosis, hip pain, etc.

8)Plantar Fasciitis.

9)Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.

10)Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

11)Lung disorders such as cough, common cold, chest congestion, asthma, etc.

12)Skin problems such as eczema and acne.

You will find practitioners using glass cupping sets and kits. The cups are made from bamboo, earthenware, silicone, and plastic as well.

Primarily, cupping involves two types of therapies:

1. Dry Cupping: Suction-Only

During this type of cupping therapy, the practitioner will put any kind of flammable substance (usually alcohol, herbs, and/or paper) in a cup. As the substance is burnt in the cup and the fire goes out, he will place the cup upside down over ashi (painful area) or over an acupoint depending on the treatment. Because fire is involved in dry cupping, it is sometimes called fire cupping as well.

As the cup slowly cools down, it creates a vacuum and pulls the skin upward. This expands the blood vessels and loosens the tension in the muscle. Nowadays, you will find many practitioners using cupping sets with suction pumps to avoid the use of fire in the treatment. This technique is also called air cupping.

During the course of treatment, sliding silicone cups are used to treat large muscle groups. In this treatment, massage oil is necessary before the application of cups so that they can easily glide over the skin.

2. Wet Cupping: Suction plus Incision

In wet cupping therapy, the therapist will follow the same procedure in the beginning. Once the cups are removed from the skin, he will administer little cuts to remove toxic blood from the body. Usually, medical-grade acupuncture lancets are used to draw blood in a controlled manner. This technique is also popular as “hijama”.

Build a Career as a Cupping Therapist

If the world of cupping and traditional healing practices excites you, it can become a rewarding career. Learn the benefits of becoming a cupping therapist.

A. Higher Demand for Holistic Healing Practices

Acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion and several other types of TCM practices are taking the entire world by storm. Holistic practices focus on the overall health of the patient. People across the world are opening up to ancient practices that do not rely on pharmaceutical drugs, but focus on treating the problem from its roots.

B. Recognized by the Government

Unlike many other traditional practitioners, TCM practitioners are widely recognized in America. Several states have their own governing and licensing bodies for TCM. This means that when you get a license to practice TCM therapies including cupping massage therapy, you have incredible growth opportunities. And, with the growing popularity of alternative medicine, you can truly build a solid career for yourself.

C. Flexibility is Essential

One of the disadvantages of working in a corporate set up is bureaucracy. On the other hand, flexibility is one of the biggest perks of working as a cupping therapist. You can work on your terms and even open a practice on your own. It will give you the flexibility to manage your schedule and you give the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur.

D. Expand your Horizon

Due to the increasing popularity of cupping therapy, your job opportunities are practically limitless. You can choose where you want to work. All the major cities have a demand for the profession. And, it can even take you to exciting places. Whether you want to work at a resort, spa, wellness center, or cruise ships, you can pursue a career in the way you deem necessary.

E. Faster Growth Trajectory

If you are passionate about the health and wellness sector, a career in TCM practice is a faster way to reach your goals and practice alternative medicine. It doesn’t require you to spend years learning allopathy and you can stay away from the phenomenal burden of student loans. By learning acupuncture, cupping, and other TCM therapies, you will be able to build your career quickly.

Becoming a Licensed TCM Practitioner is the First Step

In order to establish a practice in the field of alternative medicine, you need to get a valid license and certification from the regulatory board. In America, a majority of the states have rules in place to regulate the TCM practices. For example, California has its own examination and licensing policy. A few other states may require you to get a certification from the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

Buying Quality Cupping Massage Supplies is the Second Step

Once you are ready to practice your skills, it is essential that you have the best cupping supplies available on the market. As you are going to treat patients with cupping massage frequently, it makes sense to buy cupping accessories in bulk.

Make sure you choose a reliable wholesale acupuncture store to make the purchase. You will find that cupping sets come in multiple sizes and materials. Nowadays, digital cupping sets are also available to enhance the benefits of electric acupuncture. So, you need to understand your needs and discuss your requirements with a wholesale supplier. It will help you in making an affordable purchase of cupping sets and supplies.

All the best!

Do you want to build a career as a cupping massage therapist? Once you get the license to practice, it is essential to buy professional cupping kits. You may also need to stock up on acupuncture supplies, Moxa heat therapy products, herbal products, and several other TCM products for holistic healing of your patients. Choose a reliable wholesale TCM supplies store for uninterrupted and quality supply of products.