For decades, New Zealand has been the most popular destination for doctors at all stages of their training to expand their horizons and experience life and work in another culture and healthcare system.

Whether you have experience working as a locum or are currently on a locum assignment and looking for a changeover, taking up locum doctor jobs in New Zealand has many personal and professional benefits. In fact, New Zealand is suffering from a doctor shortage and combatting the shortage, locum doctors are in high demand.

What is a Locum doctor and why should you consider it? 

Locum doctors fill a temporary position at hospitals across the country for a few months or weeks at a time. The following are the reasons a healthcare facility may need to hire a locum doctor.

– Filling in for staff on sick leave or annual leave.
– Occupying vacant roles while hospitals or clinics are under pressure, or while management is recruiting permanent staff.
– Providing additional medical staff when waiting lists are overloaded or specialist care is required.

No matter the reason, locum doctors play a vital role because they fill those existing gaps in the healthcare industry across the country is struggling with.

Why choose locum jobs? 

Gain experience: 

Taking up locum medical jobs in New Zealand allow exposure to different clinical settings, practices, and technologies. Each subset can be extremely beneficial for the growth of your career.


Doing what you want and when you want is the biggest advantage of being a locum doctor. You can have full control over which jobs you want to take and shifts you would do. The ability to set your schedule gives you the opportunity to spend quality time with your family or rediscover a new hobby.


The world out there is vast, beautiful, and unimaginable, and there is always more to see and do! Working as a locum doctor allows you to travel the country while practicing medicine. Moreover, the best part is, how far you want to go, or how close you want to stay, it is all up to you.

Personal fulfilment

By taking on a short-notice, urgent, or vital locum job, your work can reward you with a sense of personal and professional value in your new workplace, and the community. This can be a real confidence booster!

How to get a locum job? 

Approaching the medical recruitment agency is the first step you need to take in finding a locum job. As the leading medical recruitment agency in New Zealand, Ochre Recruitment is always ready to help you to find your first or next locum placement. Our consultants are aware of the places where locum jobs are demand in New Zealand and based on your lifestyle needs and career goals; they can help you take up the right job at the perfect time, in the perfect location.

There are currently locum positions on offer across New Zealand in regional, coastal, and urban areas. With the help of Ochre Recruitment, you can find a role that suits your interests and specialty, including general and family medicine, emergency medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and surgery.

Whether you are looking for emergency medicine jobs or locum medical jobs in New Zealand, contact us today.

The author of this article owns a medical recruitment agency. Along with a team of professionals, he helps doctors to take up locum doctor jobs in New Zealand. Visit https://www.ochrerecruitment.co.nz/ for more details.