Apple iPads aren’t cheap, and neither is getting the screen repaired. Besides, you cannot claim the warranty for accidental damages unless your iPad screen has hairline crack due to defective glass.

Believe it or not, your iPad can still function with a cracked screen. It can even work even if the display is completely shattered, although it may be tough to read the text on the screen. Apple has set a fee based on the model of the iPad you use, and while getting iPad screen replacement Sydney it may cost you more.

If you reach Apple store for iPad screen replacement Sydney, you will be charged $199 for the iPad Mini or iPad Mini 2 and the prices go up from there, and this is the cheapest price. The iPad2 will cost about $249. And for other models, you may expect prices from $299 – $599.

Small cracks

Apple doesn’t cover warranty for accidental damages, and if your iPad is still within warranty, it is not a good idea to take it to the nearest Apple store. Remember, it has to be very small hairline crack due to defects in the glass to claim the warranty.

You can still use the iPad if the screen has minor cracks. But, it may eventually break into pieces if you accidentally drop the iPad on the floor. So, you can approach third- party repair shop for iPad repairs Sydney.

If you choose to use with small cracks, you might need to invest in a hard case that includes a plastic screen protector. Neglecting small cracks may lead to costly iPad repairs Sydney that strains your wallet.

More than a small crack

If the iPad screen has severe damages, there are other places to get it repaired. Of course, by choosing the third party for repairs you will void Apple’s warranty, but still, if you don’t have a warranty, there are many mobile repair shops that can fix your iPad’s shattered screen.

While choosing the repair service, shoot the following questions.

– How much will it cost?

– How long will it take to get it fixed?

– What type of warranty do you offer?

– Where do they get the replacement parts from?

These questions will not help you narrow down the search but also help you choose the reliable service.

Never try DIY techniques

You can find glass replacements kits and a step-by-step guide to fixing the damaged iPad screen on the internet. But, do not try to do it by yourself. You will ultimately damage your iPad if you don’t have the knowledge and right tools.

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