“We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us” – Winston Churchill.

Indulge in the height of sophistication, freedom of outdoor entertainment and relaxing in style, the Kudos Louvre Roof is an innovative system for the verandas, pergolas, patios or any other existing structure outside the home. With just a touch of the remote, it can transform your day and the whole view of the world!

These roofing systems let in all the qualities we treasure the most in Mother Nature the sunlight, songs of birds, fresh air and more. The Kudos Louvre Roof can be built freestanding off of any current buildings and into any of the suitable existing structures. These roofs are around for many years and are very popular among people nowadays. They are designed to transform any outdoor space with quality elements, good precision engineering and a range of aesthetic options, to bring your dream come true over your outdoor area.

Changing Climatic Conditions:

Kudos Louvre Roof can be positioned within 180-degree range of motion. They provide the exact amount of protection and ventilation that is desired. The Kudos Louvre Roof System enables houses or offices to repurpose their outdoor living space.

When the blades are closed, they are watertight and redirect rainwater away from the structures. You can also move the blades to adjust the position of sunlight falling in. You can stay ahead of changing weather conditions with louvre roof systems.


In most areas, the adjustable Kudos Louvre Roofs do not count against lot coverage how the traditional roofing system does. The system meets zoning setbacks which the traditional ones cannot.

For landscape architects and other designers who work on living areas outdoors, the adjustable roof systems are more attractive, innovative and useful for their plans.


Kudos Louvre Roof System, made of high-quality materials is not prone to any damage due to weather changes or other natural elements. They can be easily opened to a range of 180 degrees in just seconds.

Ease Of Installation:

This sophistically designed adjustable Kudos Louvre Roof Systems do not require a colossal installation process. Most of the roofs available can be installed in a day or two depending on the customisations required unlike the permanent ones that take weeks to build.

Comfortable Outdoor Space:

The louvre Roof in Perth is designed for comfort during rainy days or hot summers. They are ideal upgrades for any hotels, restaurants, hospitality, houses or any other builders who seek to increase their outdoor seating area. These versatile roofs are customisable and available in different shades to fit any architectural style. They let in fresh air and sunlight as how you need.

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