There are many people that argue that the installation of CCTV systems is nothing more than a way to invade someone’s privacy. It is a major concern in the work place. Employers have to make sure that their installation of CCTVs are justified and fair or they will have to deal with the consequences in a court of law. This is a major concern for work places that employ lawyers and civil libertarians. Work places such as banks and telecommunication places promote these installations.

There are many reasons why an employer will secretly install surveillance cameras that will include theft prevention and production growth among others. It is very important the workers have their privacy and there is a high percentage of invasion of privacy happening in the work place. More and more companies are installing these systems for various reasons, but most are reasonable.

All employees should be comfortable with cameras if they have no intensions of doing wrongs. As long as the installation of the cameras have not violated any of their rights as humans or are installed for the purpose of exploiting workers, they should not have a problem with the installation. The problem now arises where more employees are taking their employers to court for invasion of privacy.

There are some employers that feel it is ok to install cameras in bathrooms but that is just wrong and there is no good explanation for installing cameras in the bathrooms. That is a clear invasion of privacy or intrusion upon selection and they will most likely lose this battle in the court of law.

There are other reasons why an employee might take their employer to court. If for any reason an employee’s private matters are publicized by their employer via the release of footage captured by surveillance system. If an employee’s medial records are disclosed in the same manner they can take their employer to court. The use of an employee’s likeness for a commercial purpose can be a reason for an employer to be taken to court.

It is the job of all employers to realize that these are violations of their employee’s rights and they should always respect and do their best to protect these rights. If an employer needs to install surveillance they need to follow certain procedures. They need to first communicate with their employees on the rights they are guaranteed and what invasion of their privacy entails. They need to then notify their employees in writing they will be conducting this surveillance and the employees have to sign verifying waiver.

This is a problem that should never be an issue. This is more about moral responsibility than anything else. If you as an employer wouldn’t want your employees invading your business’ privacy, then there is no way you could think it ok to invade theirs. Employers need to understand that installing cameras in the bathroom is creepy. There are many reasons to install CCTV systems, but you need to make sure they are justified reasons.