A lot of landscape architects find it a challenge to implement outdoor spaces in homes and workplaces when there are a lot of expectations from the owners. Fortunately, there is a current trend in the industry of architecture and design that will solve these problems. They are called the adjustable Kudos Louvre roof systems.

Louvered roofing has been created to cover decks, patios, and many other types of outdoor spaces without interfering with the provisions of the natural fresh air and sunlight. It is also designed to offer protection against extreme weather patterns like snow, heavy rain, and excessive sunlight. Moreover, Kudos Louvre Roof works well with ceiling fans to keep pests such as flies and mosquitoes away from your living space.

Below are some more benefits you can get when you incorporate a louvered roofing at home or in the workplace.

Weather Coverage

Most louvered roofing systems are made to provide protection against all types of weather conditions. When this adjustable system is closed, the roofs become watertight and the downspouts that are integrated into it will lead the rainwater away, freeing your decks and patios from the damaging rain.

Moreover, you can also opt for screening if you want. Just remember to consider snow loads and seismic ratings before you buy a Louvre roof Perth.


These innovative roofing systems are very eco-friendly because of the fact that they are primarily made with extruded aluminium of high quality. This means that there will be little to no chance of rusting. Moreover, if you are using power supplies from outside sources or solar energy receivers, the roofing system will only use the smallest amount of power possible and they can be closed and open in just a few seconds of up to 160 degrees.

Easy Installation

Another good thing that louvered roofing systems have is how easy it is to install them. They may look really intricate and complicated in both its appearance and design but installing them on your outdoor spaces can be as easy as 1-2-3!

Additionally, many companies that offer louvered roofing systems will also offer a warranty that will seamlessly fix vital parts such as headers, supports posts, the mechanical elements, its motors, and the remotes.


If you were to install traditional roofing systems, you would have to secure permits before you can actually start working. On the flip side, Kudos Louvre roof systems primarily meet the zoning requirements. This means that you can easily start installing them without having to deal with the stress of getting permits.

The author of this article is an experienced installer of Kudos Louvre roof systems for both residential and commercial spaces. Visit http://www.solashade.com.au/ for more details.