Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive or access, generate, and understand emotions and emotional knowledge on one side.  And on the other side reflectively regulate and control emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.

Emotional Intelligence Components

• Being aware of your feelings
• Managing your feelings, especially by distressing feelings
• Self-motivation
• Empathy
• Managing relationships

Why is emotional intelligence important?

• EQ is absolutely a crucial element or part of forming, developing, maintaining, and enhancing personal relationships with other.
• Being able to handle constructive criticisms as we are fully aware of oneself
• Self-motivated people can inspire everyone.
• EQ makes the world genuine
• With EQ you are able to control yourself in all situations.

Emotional Intelligence skills will not only empower you personally but will also have a positive impact on your relationships that you have with others.  Moreover, the key to attaining resilience in this stressful world is through improve your emotional intelligence (EI) skills.  We face the demands, pressures, and challenges daily that can evoke negative emotions and, when not handled effectively can result in high levels of stress.

Nowadays organization cannot think without quality management at their workplace.  Hence, participation and empowerment of an employee for an organization are crucial.  Employee empowerment is one of the most important techniques that contribute to the increase in business, revive the company culture, and improve satisfaction- both for employees and customers.

Individuals eliminate old behaviors and embrace new ones with emotional intelligence skills development.  Using new skills requires practice and self-reflection.  Because without the right skills handling these ever-increasing challenges is tough this results in diminishing our performance.

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From the above discussion, we can conclude that a highly developed EI is an asset to the individual who has acquired the skill and anyone they interact with.  Emotionally intelligent people are confident, thoughtful, and often highly successful.  They have learned to effectively manage their minds and behaviors in order to consistently achieve positive results.

For any organization, one of the biggest challenges is to retain resource which contributes towards growth.  Hence the presence of empowerment in the workplace is must for each or every organization to retain in the competitive world or to be successful.

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