The world is awash with opportunities for highly skilled medical practitioners. So why not choose Australia over the many other options you have? Moreover, if you are specialised in paediatrics, under the Australian and New Zealand classification of occupations you are currently in demand by medical employers in Australia. Yes, if paediatrician is your current occupation, then you have a good chance of qualifying for a skilled Visa.

In Australia, there are plenty of job opportunities for paediatric locum medical jobs in both regional and urban areas. Whether you are a junior doctor looking to earn more and gain valuable experience along the way, or a senior doctor looking for flexibility and a better work-life balance, Ochre Recruitment can help you find the perfect placement, and ensure a positive, fulfilling locum experience.

In fact, many doctors have migrated to Australia due to Australia’s high training standards and beaches and sunshine lifestyle. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, locum doctor can take up roles that are vital to and valued by regional Australians, especially in rural and remote communities. By taking up the locum doctor jobs in Australia, doctors will have the opportunity to experience a refreshing change of scene, while caring for and getting to know a new community and meeting new colleagues.

Perks of taking up medical jobs in Australia

A wide range of programs and incentives are available for doctors who are interested in relocating and remaining in rural and remote Australia. For doctors, the diversity of work location here in Australia is second to none. Plus, Australia holds the best health care system in the world. With an excellent balance of public healthcare and a thriving private health sector, Australia has achieved quality, comprehensive healthcare, and choice for all Australians.

Though taking up a medical career in Australia has numerous advantages, amongst them a great work ethic among your colleagues and generous salary benefits which are not found in other countries. Currently, there are many locum paediatric jobs on offer in beautiful regions across northern New South Wales, where you’ll find adventure and relaxation in your time off.

Locum doctors who are looking for a work-life balance and a change of scene, coastal cities like Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie are great locations to work. The regions surrounding these cities abound with coastal resorts and getaways, and stunning mountain, forest, and ocean scenery to explore before, after, or in between placements.

For decades, Australia has been the ideal location to live and work for medical professionals as it provides a perfect work/life balance and a laid-back lifestyle. If you are interested in taking up paediatric locum medical jobs in Northern New South Wales, Call Ochre Recruitment consultants to discuss the many options available to you.

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