Often when we start planning to write professional resume samples we are very confused as to how to frame things. This is because we all are fully aware that the employer we are targeting will form his impression about us on the basis of the quality of resume we send to him. The most relevant part that keeps us confused is what to write first- education or past work. Let us read on to know how to go about it.

The choice of what to place first on your professional CV template is totally dependent on your past credentials. If you have limited experience yet your education is something which can easily grab attention then you should put that first. To give boosts to your profile also include any special prizes or accolades that you have won over the years. This is because the focus of the reader would first be on knowing what is making you different from the other prospects.

If you have done other courses which contributeto making your profile memorable do mention that as well. Even in this, you are advised to mention those courses first which hold a degree of repute when it comes to influencing the employer’s attention. An employer notices the first few entries and may avoid the later ones hence placing the details crucially is important.

On the other hand, if your experience so far has been pretty impressive you should put that up first. This is especially important when you have experience in the same profile the post is for. For example, a company wants a marketing manager and you have 10 years’ experience in that field do mention that first. The reader will see your details and call you for the next level at least.

Both education and work experience are equally important when trying to impress an employer. If you are worried about getting your professional resume template word made then come to us at https://www.hipporesumes.com . With our variety of templates, you can choose the style that you think would suit your job profile the most.