New Zealand’s GP shortage is set to worsen as half of the doctors expected to retire in the next 10 years, according to a new study. Moreover, the latest survey conducted by The Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioner’s revealed that about 47% of General Practitioners of GPs would retire in the next decade and about 27% set to retire in the next five years. This stat shows that New Zealand has a critical shortage of general practitioners.

With this sort of demand, there are plenty of opportunities available for medical jobs in New Zealand. Yes, due to the rapidly growing population and one that is increasingly ageing, there simply are not enough GPs to meet the needs of our communities. Hospitals and practices across the country are looking for skilled doctors, surgeons, specialists and other health care professionals.

Right now the doctor shortage is real, and there is an enormous pressure on all doctors to work long hours than rostered to meet the demand. One of the ways to offset these rather bleak statistics is to support doctors to train as a specialist GPs. Yes, the general practice education program (GPEP) is the pathway to a specialist career as a general practitioner in New Zealand.

RNZCGP’s is a well-regarded, three-year General Practice Education Program, and once the RNZCGP training is completed, the doctor is awarded the fellowship of the FRNZCGP. Recent research shows that about 75% of international medical graduates who had been successful in passing the NZREX exam had also been successful in gaining internships and becoming registered. To apply for registration in general practice for overseas doctors, doctors need to hold a general registration from their country of origin, at least one year of working in a New Zealand hospital or primary care and registration with the New Zealand Medical Council granted prior to course commencement. Funding and bonding schemes are available through the Ministry of Health and Health Workforce New Zealand for eligible applicants.

Though the General Practice is challenging all on its own and it is not the easy option, it is a great pathway to help more, help earlier and be the hand your patient need. You can also have a well-balanced life by getting the job you love the most that suit in with your family and commitments outside of work. Being a GP, you will get the highs with lows, treating not just the sick patients but managing patients during positive times in their life during pregnancy and other preventive health outcomes.

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