If you are an owner of the soft-story building in Los Angeles, then you might be well aware that the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and other surrounding cities legally require seismic retrofits for soft-story buildings. The soft-story buildings are vulnerable during seismic activity because of their distinctive design of tuck-in parking on the ground floor making them prone to collapse during an earthquake. In the year 2015, the Los Angeles city passed its first kind of soft-story retrofit ordinance, quickly followed by Santa Monica in 2016. The soft-story retrofit ordinance is a city law which is intended to promote safety and public welfare by reducing the risk of injury and loss of life that is caused due to the effects of the earthquake. And this ordinance mandates the earthquake retrofit of certain soft storey buildings if they cannot be proven to meet specific safety standards.

As a building owner, if you receive an order from Soft Story Ordinance Los Angeles, then it is mandatory for you to retrofit your building. If you have finally decided to perform seismic retrofitting to your building then you need to know that seismic retrofit is a big job that must be performed only by the seismic retrofit professionals. So, it is important to make sure that you hire a professional contractor whom you can trust for earthquake retrofitting in Los Angeles. Other contractors may tempt you by a low-cost proposal, this low-cost proposal is likely to increase once you execute a contract to the “real price” and maybe even more.

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