By nature, children love to play, laugh and have fun. While at home, kids spend a majority of their time indoors playing video games and watching Television. Unfortunately, they miss out essential physical and mental stimulation that outdoor games provide to them, not to mention vitamin D from the sun! If your child is between the ages of 6 months to 6 years, you should know how Macquarie fields child care centre aids in their growth and development. From arts to crafts and outdoor time, they help children get a lot of physical and mental stimulation. Sending your kids to childcare will ensure they spend much time outdoor improving their motor skills as possible.

Why Macquarie Fields Child Care Encourage Kids to spend more time outdoors?

The child care centre will not force kids to go outside in the unbearable heat of the sun. They have schedules for outdoor play along with others, when the weather is so nice. The child cares are equipped with safe but stimulating playgrounds which challenge both children mentally and physically.

Whether there is a tower with a slide, monkey bars or a swing to climb up, children can engage in imaginative play. It also boosts their motor skills which are good for their bones. The staff in child care also organise outdoor games that can improve children’s social skills, coordination and other essential aspects of early childhood development that would help them throughout their life.

Why should you Minimise Screen Time for Kids?

Even toddlers nowadays are capable of navigating tablets and smartphones. This means kids today are spending more of their time in front of mobiles and televisions. While education contents can be valuable for your young children, too much screen time can cause problems with their attention and vision. Sending kids to child care centres in Macquarie fields will safeguard them from too much screen time. Instead of playing mobile games, kids will get to interact with one another and learn to co-operate with each other and to share. They will learn to play together and understand each other.

How does Childcare Help Develop Cognitive Skills in Kids?

Children begin to learn fundamental cognitive skills as early as age two! This is a crucial learning period when their brains act like sponges absorbing as much information as they can. In childcare, while doing activities like science experiments, reading time, song and dance they improve their auditory processing, memory skills, visual processing abilities, logic and reasoning without even realising it. These skills will continue to serve them for the rest of their life!

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