If you look closely you will find two factors that persist in the preacher’s sermon: the first is the fountain – the very Water of Life. The second is the cup with which is drawn inspiration upon revelation. It is the cup that is delivered us, you and me, from which we drink; let us not overlook where the water came from.

Preachers draw from the fountain to deliver a message ‘worthy’ of saving lives for Jesus. Yet, no message about Jesus is, therefore, insufficient; only to the judging ear and the careful eye – lost to nitty-gritty of truth and enigmas of expression. Short Bible sermons make our life a paradise.

If you have a cup, which is the preacher’s offering, and the fountain from which they are to draw, both in combination abounding with God’s blessing, will you now drink? Will you see the droplets of salvation, the liquid of peace, a remedy of love, in that precious drink? It is possible that you will find that one mouthful quite tasteless in the presence of an otherwise satisfying cup?

Will we analyze that preacher’s motive, to gain insight toward the salt it is a possibility that we miss the vitality in the gospel message, the precious juice from the fountain, to note the smallest semblance of uninspired delivery. Surely wood, in the context of the forest, is an indicator of the trees there present. Moreover, the preacher’s message is not, no not ever, devoid of the Spirit’s power.

Sermon Central Messages includes the primary aspect of preaching, the Christ of Scripture. The foundational aspect for preachers is Jesus Christ. Christ will remain the central aspect of Christian preaching regardless of the culture or the demands of society. Sermons include the woes of society but do not focus on them rather they focus on solutions to those woes: Jesus Christ. Pastors often take principle of Christ-centered preaching and apply it.

Growing Ministries are proof that sermons with good content and effective delivery are increasing in demand. Once the sermon is prepared, the preacher’s work is not yet complete. Additional efforts to expend to think of ways to deliver that sermon are underway so that it catches the attention of the congregation. Though nothing can replace the power of the Holy Spirit, good verbal skills are imperative for effective preaching.

What began in 2009 as a church with slightly more than 100 members has grown to a thriving congregation of more than 7,500 members who attend weekly services at The Lighthouse Church of Houston. More than 30 ministries provide weekly programs and activities to members and the community.

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