Travel insurance offers all-around protection from medical and other dangers while you are on a trip. However, like all insurance products, most travel insurance exclude certain things and situations. If you are looking to buy such a policy, here is a look at the common exclusions for travel insurance plans in India.

1.      Cancellation of the trip by the tour operator
Travel insurance plans offer coverage for trip cancellations, only if the policyholder cancels it. However, if your travel agent cancels the trip, the insurance policy will not be liable for the financial loss faced by the policyholder.
2.      Acts of war or civil strife
No travel insurance company in India offers protection against damages sustained due to war or civil strife at the destination of your travel. Moreover, even if sporadic war events in your travel destination force you to change your itinerary, your insurance provider will not offer any help for such changes.

3.      Pre-existing medical conditions
While travel insurance provides medical cover for accidents and other emergencies, it does not cover the cost of treatment for a pre-existing disease. A handful of travel insurance companies in India may offer add-on plans that offer support for pre-existing conditions during your travels. However, these must be purchased separately and are not part of the basic travel insurance policy.

4.      Psychological illnesses
Your travel insurance plan will not cover the treatment cost for mental disorders, such as depression, schizophrenia and more. Furthermore, treatment of some physical conditions is also excluded. For instance, treatment of self-inflicted injuries is excluded in the policy.

5.      Pregnancy and childbirth
Pregnancy-related medication and other costs must be borne by the policyholder. Similarly, the entire cost related to childbirth is also excluded under most travel insurance plans in India. Therefore, an expecting mother must keep these factors in mind while deciding to travel outside the country.

6.      Sports or adventure related injury
Insurers consider sports or adventure activities to be something that the policyholder chooses to engage in, even after acknowledging the dangers. Therefore, any injury that you suffer from while engaging in such activities is your responsibility. The insurance company will not pay for the treatment of such injuries.

While the points mentioned above mentions the basic exclusions for most insurance companies in India, you should check travel insurance online to find if there are other exclusions in the plan you are about to purchase.