You might like to believe that the rate at which you secure your car rental will be dependent on the size of the car. But you would be wrong! When it comes to Maui affordable car rental, the demand dictates the prize and compact cars might seem pricier than the larger ones when you visit a Maui family-run rental car company.

Do you find yourself blown away with this information? Do you want to find out more about the secrets and tricks that would enable you to get cheaper car rentals? Read on and be prepared to make big savings!

1. Time is your friend

It doesn’t really matter whether you are planning to visit Hawaii during the peak season or not. Carefully plan all your expenses and keep track of the air fare and the discounts offered by Maui family-run rental car companies. You will be able to secure the best deals in this way and save hundreds of dollars, which you can then fruitfully utilise during your trip.

2. Insurance: To take or not to take

Almost all car rental companies would try to convince you to pay for additional insurance coverage. Thus, we highly recommend talking with your credit card company and checking your insurance policy. Stay informed and don’t fall into the trap of the greed of insurance agents while looking for a Maui affordable car rental.

3. Steer away from dirt and damage fees

Many people make the mistake of not choosing a Maui family-run rental car company. Subsequently, they have to bear the brunt when their car rental unfairly charges you for dirt and damage or for something as simple as not returning the car during office hours. Make sure that you click a picture of the car before starting your trip and getting the car washed before returning it. You’ll find that it is cheaper in the long run. Also, placing newspapers on the floor will ensure that the car rental doesn’t charge you additional money just because you were hiking on muddy soil.

4. Look out for a frequent rider program

In case you are going to Hawaii for the first time, you should know that frequent rider programs are helpful in more ways than one. You can just go to a Maui affordable car rental online site and book a car of your preference. You wouldn’t have to wait for the company to give you the car after your long journey, as the entire process will be sorted in a matter of seconds by a special agent.

5. Be prepared for unwelcome surprises

The fees that you would need to pay would vary depending on the location of the rental as well the business tactics of the company. Always ask whether there would be one or more drivers before signing on the dotted line in the rental agreements. Although quite a few companies allow your business partner or spouse to travel with you, there are some sly ones who don’t mention the specifications at first and pile on the costs at the last moment. It is also preferable for you to ask what they consider to be the appropriate age of the designated driver, as some companies charge extra if the driver is less than 24 years of age.

Road trips in a car always comprise one’s best memories. These secrets will help you live your best life without having to part with your hard-earned money.

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We hope that all the tried-and-tested secrets and tricks that we have listed above help you out while you look for Maui affordable car rental by visiting a Maui family run Rental Car Company .