For decades, dentures were the only option for replacing a missing tooth. However, dentistry is continuously evolving, and innovations help patients achieve the best oral health possible. Dental implants are one such remarkable innovation that helps patients return to optimal oral health.

Yes, people who are living with missing teeth and wearing dentures can now replace it with dental implants. Dental implants give life to teeth. Now, when compared to other teeth restorative options, dental implants in Sydney are a better, permanent replacement option, yielding much better results.

Dental implants:

Dental implants are a small titanium root type screw which is placed into a patient’s jawbone by a dentist or oral surgeon. After healing, the dentist will restore the implants and place crowns on top of them.

The titanium post is made from biodegradable material, and it acts a root of a tooth to provide a permanent solid foundation to support a natural-looking and natural-feeling bridge or crown. Moreover, Sydney dental implants add dramatically greater retention, stability, and support compared to dentures.

Why choose teeth implants over dental implants?

In dentistry, dental implants Sydney are considered to be the most ideal and practical way to replace a missing tooth because:

– Since implants bond with bone and act as a root they hold the replacement tooth firmly and look and function like natural teeth. Dentures do not look or function like a natural teeth as implants do.

– When compared to dentures, dental implants have a 99% success rate. Patients who had dental implants feel more confident than before replacing their missing teeth.

– Dentures reduce the density of the jawbone and lead to deterioration. Dental implants preserve the quality of the jawbone and preserve bone from resorbing overtime. Implant therapy is the only tooth replacement strategy that accomplishes this.

– Dental implant treatment always spares the neighbour teeth, unlike conventional tooth-borne bridge therapy. Dental bridge treatment involves cutting down of adjacent teeth to provide support for the bridge. This impact on the adjacent teeth enhances the risk of future root canal therapy or recurrent tooth decay.

– The dental implant cost in Sydney may require a greater initial investment of finances and time. But, patients can find that the long-term investment is far less costly, more natural feeling and long lasting than dentures that need replacement often.

Visit your dentist and discuss getting dental implants. Rather than considering the cost of dental implants think about the incredible benefits they offer.

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