Repeatedly, we hear people talk about the importance of buying an insurance policy for one’s vehicle. However, purchasing two-wheeler insurance is not merely enough. In order to enjoy the maximum coverage and avail of the benefits that are offered, one has to renew the two wheeler insurance policy in due time.

There are two ways you can renew your two wheeler insurance policy-

Online Renewal Procedure

In today’s age of digital technology, the leading insurance companies have an online presence. Thus, your insurer likely has a website of its own through which you can access their products. Follow these steps for a hassle-free renewal-

  • Log in to the company website

Visit the website of your insurer to renew bike insurance online. Log in with a valid username and password. Keep your documents and the old insurance policy close by so that you can refer to them while you renew the policy.


  • Enter your previous policy’s details

Enter the details of your previous insurance policy- model of the vehicle, registration certificate etc. before making the transaction.


  • Choose your mode of payment

The next thing you need to do is select the mode of payment. You can pay the policy premiums using a debit card or credit card, or through NEFT.


  • Get a print out of the receipt

Your insurer will issue the new two wheeler insurance policy as soon as the payment is validated. You will receive an email along with a copy of the same from the insurer. You can search for the policy document using your issuance number on the company’s customer portal and get a print out of the renewal receipt.

Renewal of two wheeler insurance online is much easier. It does not involve the hassle of going through paperwork and saves you time.

Offline Renewal Procedure

Alternatively, you can also renew your policy by directly visiting any branch of your chosen insurance company. The insurer will go through your previous policy details while you pay the policy premium. Once you make the payment, you can get the payment receipt along with the print out of your renewed two wheeler insurance.


Whichever method you opt for, ensure that you do not forget to renew your two wheeler insurance policy before the expiry of its tenure. Failing to do so will lead to the lapse of your policy. Consequently, you will lose the insurance coverage and benefits, such as No Claim Bonus, Add-on cover etc. This will leave your two wheeler exposed to several unforeseen damages.