The biggest misconception that many people have related to Chess game is that it is strictly designed only for geniuses, philanthropies and gifted people. But this is not the actual reality, you don’t have to be genius to play chess and it actually is an incredibly beneficial pastime game. Playing chess results in improved memory and cognitive abilities, attention improvement, better brain function and strategic thinking. If you’re a beginner and decided to play chess then one of the best-undisputed thing in chess training philosophy is, solving chess puzzles a few minutes regularly and you will get better and better every day. This is the reason many ambitious chess players solve chess puzzles on a regular basis because they claim that solving chess puzzles is the most effective training method to improve your chess skills.

If you are someone who wants to boost and improve your chess game the fastest, easiest and in a most fun way then start solving puzzles right now at website. Chess by Lauren is the most reputable and well-established chess puzzle website that offers more than 450 original and interactive two-choice chess puzzles for beginners and kids. All these puzzles are created by Lauren Goodkind who is an independent and respectable chess coach and a speaker located in the San Francisco Bay area. Lauren recently wrote Chess Puzzle Book known as “50 Poison Pieces” for beginners and kids who are familiar with basic chess tactics.

At, we help beginners to solve Chess Puzzles Online and all you need to do is to create an account with your name and email address and choose the subscription plan that matches with your needs, and you can pay your subscription plan via PayPal or other credit and debit cards. After registration, you can access over 450 unique two-choice chess puzzles. If you’re not familiar about which piece you should capture and make moves then the solution is, you need to look at all the pieces on the board, think and make the correct move and in case if you make the wrong piece then find your opponents best follow up move.

All our unique two-choice chess puzzles at ChessbyLauren website are perfect for beginners and kids who are learning basic chess tactics. While making moves, for some puzzles it is important to make sure that you need to take your time to think while solving these puzzles and you should avoid accidentally stalemating your opponent. Lauren is the proud author of Best Chess Puzzle Books which inspires many people especially women and girls to play chess all around the world.

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