When it comes to garage door repair, you have pretty much to deal with every kind of issues you can think of. Even still many issues continue to surprise you, which should be handled only by the professionals who are specialist in garage door repair Boise. Here we share the top 10 problems your garage door face, read this article to know it.

1. The Garage Door Limit Settings isn’t Set Properly

The most likely culprit is the open and close limit settings of your garage door opener. If you find that adjusting the limit settings isn’t working, it might be time to call a technician to come and help get your garage door to stay closed.

2. Your Springs Are Broken

The garage doors come with one or two torsion springs. If your garage door’s torsion springs are broken, your garage door won’t go up.

3. Something Is Blocking the Door’s Path

If you find that your garage door closes part way and then goes back up, this can be triggered by objects on the ground blocking their path. If the door hits even a small object on the track, it will go back up to avoid crushing whatever is underneath it. So inspect the area around your garage door to see if something is blocking the photo eye sensors, with the help of Boise garage door repair professionals.

4. Something is wrong With Your Transmitters

Each garage door and transmitter combo has a specific range it will function in. If you’re trying to open your garage door before you can even see your house, then chances are you’re just too far away. In such case, contact the professional, so your garage door transmitter should be working properly again in no time without any hassle.

5. The Track is not Aligned Properly

The metal track your door runs on needs to be appropriately aligned for your door to move. If your garage door track is out of alignment, it can be a serious issue.

6. Your Photo Eye is out of Alignment

If you notice that the garage door usually opens but doesn’t make any attempt to close when the remote is pressed, the first thing you’ll want to do is visually inspect the photo eyes, with the help of professionals who is expert in handling garage door repair in Boise ID.

7. The Transmitter Batteries Are Dead

Your garage door transmitters need the power to work. In case, if the batteries in your transmitter are dead, the transmitter won’t be able to send a signal to your garage door to open.


If your garage door faces one of these problems, its best to leave the garage door repair in Boise ID up to the professionals.

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