A kitchen is not just known for cooking but must also offer an efficient storage of all the kitchen essentials and cooking ingredients. That is why along with the refrigerator or a mini pantry, people are incorporating several kinds of accessories in the kitchen to make sure everything is stored efficiently in the kitchen. Rethink every little nook and corner of your kitchen and you will see that there is, indeed, a lot of place in your kitchen.

Right from proper kitchen cabinetry like the Maple, Walnut, or the Shaker Style cabinets to the modern and advanced accessories, there are several ways to maximize the space, thereby ensuring optimal storage efficiency in your kitchen. Here, we have put together a few amazing ideas that will help you achieve the desired functionality when it comes to the storage space in your kitchen. Check them out now.

Opt for Kitchen Cabinetry

No points for guessing- this is the most common element of the kitchen which ensures complete efficiency of your kitchen. There are several materials, sizes, and styles of kitchen cabinets such as the RTA kitchen cabinets, Walnut, Waffle, and a lot more options in solid wood cabinetry that you can choose from. Choose the right size of the cabinet with enough space for your requirements and turn your kitchen cleaner and neater.

Use the Space above the Window

Whenever one thinks of storage in the kitchen, the only things that one often comes up with are the cabinetry and the pantry. But you should look for other niche spaces in the kitchen which can offer you a good amount of space to store things such as the floating shelf space above the windows. Use the area above your kitchen windows to store the lesser-used items like big pans or pressure-cookers which you might not use every day. You can also enhance the kitchen d├ęcor with adding decorative items or art in your kitchen and these can be efficiently stored above the window as well like a great display.

Install a Plate Rack

What is the point of owning a fine dining set if you keep it hidden in your cabinets or safely secured, wrapped up in packing boxes? That is why, in order to flaunt your collection to the onlookers and guests, you must install a plate rack in the kitchen. Moreover keeping them stacked along with the daily used kitchen essentials inside the cabinet can make it a lot of trouble for you to access things when you need them, risking damage to these luxurious and expensive items.

Add a Drawer

Along with a durable and stylish kitchen cabinetry, you must also incorporate drawers in your kitchen. These can prove to be highly useful for a number of things. There are certain things in odd sizes which cannot be kept inside something and neither can it be left in a big cabinet space. Right from your cooking spoons to dinner tablespoons, small plates or bowls to cutlery, recipe books, and so much, there are a number of things which come under this category. And a drawer can help these to be quickly tucked inside before it comes into public view.

So, what are you waiting for? Now that you know a number of things you can do to make your cooking spaces more storage efficient, quickly start making these changes in your kitchen.