Best ladies beauty parlours in kota/

The beautification market in India is a big one and the city of Kota in the north Indian state of Rajasthan is not left out. There are a good number of beauty parlors offering hair treatment and skin care services. Below is a list of the best beautification parlors in Kota.

Honey Beauty Parlor

Honey beauty parlor is one of the best beauty parlors in Kota. Services available at Honey beauty parlor include a wide array of beauty and hair care treatments such as acne treatments, ultra sonic treatments, facials, face lift treatments, anti ageing treatments, Dandruff Treatments, Bridal Make-up, Bleaching / D-tan Treatments, Massage, Flavored wax/Rica/Body care wax, as well as a number of other treatments available at affordable prices. The make-up artists at Honey beauty parlor are certified, giving them a professional edge. Clients at Honey beauty parlor are also made comfortable in a fully air conditioned environment.  Honey beauty parlor is committed to delivering top notch quality and only uses products from notable brands such as  Lotus, L’Oréal Professional, Cheryl’s, Streak Hair Color, O3+ Skin Care, Bharat &Doris, Vedic line and Aroma. These products are known to be 100 per cent safe for skin treatment.

Vanshika Beauty Parlor

Another beauty parlor that can be found in Kota is Vanshika. It is one of the well known beauty parlors in Kota. Vanshika beauty parlor also offers a wide range of beauty care and hair care services. For over a decade in operation, Vanshika has built a reputation as a prominent beauty parlor committed to offering high level services with a profile of satisfied customers. Beauty care and hair care services available at Vanshika beauty parlor includes face bleach, hair cut, hair spa, facial, blow dry, head massage, wash, shampoo and conditioner, ironing, back massage, foot reflexology, threading, hand and foot massage, perm, hair treatment, straightening, coloring, pedicure, manicure, bridal make-up, tinting, waxing, peel, as well as Weight Loss & Body De-Stressing Treatments.

Jawed Habib

Jawed Habib has a long history. The Jawed Habib group of companies and associates have evolved over three generations to become one of the most renowned hair and beauty parlors in India. With a chain of academies spread across India, the stylists are Jawed Habib are well trained in the methodology of hair treatment and styling. Jawed Habib stands out as a beauty parlor that tilts more towards the science based approach to styling than the product based approach prevalent at most beauty parlors. Jawed Habib offers complete skin care solutions and a wide range of beauty care and hair care services such as trendy haircuts, hair color services, puffy ponytail, high lights, waves, braids, ombre, fringe, hair styling, skin treatments, facials, clean ups, face massage, face pack, skin treatments, pre skin care rituals, bridal hair styles, exclusive bridal packages, trial makeups, body massage, back massage, threading, waxing, nail, manicure and pedicure, as well as body polish services at affordable prices.

Face Line Beauty Parlor& Beauty Clinic

Face Line Beauty Parlor& Beauty Clinic is another beauty parlor located in Kota. Face line beauty parlor serves a combination of top notch herbal, natural and beauty treatments. The beauty products and techniques available at Face line beauty parlor are one of the best in the field. Services available at Face line includes hair treatment services, beauty and skin care services, as well as spa services.