Real Estate Appraisal in Vancouver

Whether you have a house or business property, it helps to have it appraised. First, however, you have to define a real estate appraisal in Vancouver. An appraisal is basically a professional opinion about the projected value of a property. When it is made in the housing market, it is made using certain criteria.

Saving You More Money

For example, when real estate appraisers in Vancouver make appraisals for buyers, they can save them a rather large sum of money. A house that is appraised at $300,000 and is selling on the market for $500,000 can be avoided. Alternatively, the buyer can make an offer that is closer in line with the true value of the house.

If you are selling your house, an appraisal is well worth the investment as it can tell you how much your house has risen in the marketplace. The same can be said for a commercial property appraisal in Vancouver. Knowing the value of a piece of real estate can go a long way in determining the negotiations.

Inspections and Appraisals: The Differences

Sometimes people confuse an appraisal with a house inspection. However, these are two different activities. An appraisal is made to determine a property’s true value versus the specific features. A house inspector looks at the details to determine a house’s condition. These details may include the guttering or the heating and cooling system.

The Permanent Features

A house appraiser focuses on the permanent aspects of a home such as the real estate’s location, its square footage, and the lot size. House inspectors, on the other hand, review the functional details of the property.

Different Price Projections

The person who conducts an appraisal is certified to do the work. Usually, an individual who does this work for a living is well experienced in the field. However, appraisers can make mistakes. That is why two appraisers can come up with different projections for a property. If you are an investor, you have the option to seek different appraisals from more than one company.

The Appraisal Report

A report for a house appraisal will include an evaluation of the interior and exterior of a property and also include the appraiser’s assessment and conclusions about the property’s value. These observations are made based on the survey he or she has conducted. An appraiser works through a mortgage lender or can be hired by a buyer or seller of a property.

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