Dee Why Kindergarten

So finally your toddler is going to a day care… that’s great!! You are happy at the same time stressed due to your toddler’s tantrums after returning from the day care. Well, you are not alone. It is a phase, and every mother and father like you are undergoing or might experience the same, even with grownups.

No one will warn you what to expect on a daily basis when you pick your toddler up from child care. So this might be the scenario in most of the cases. You pick your happy, energetic child who is glad to see you and ready to go home. Within minutes after getting into the car, your kid might turn into a crying, unhappy child that you haven’t recognised. Once you get home, the kid is clingy and whiny. So, this is what happens with you daily?

Don’t worry; read further let’s find out what it the cause and how to deal.

The Cause:

Believe or not, all these behaviours are normal with children who are attending child care centres in dee why. Kids are a bundle of emotions. They will experience so many new things each day and continually learning. All that new activities, new environment, new adults and kids are the reasons behind their tantrums, which is the only way to express their feelings.

The tantrums may come due to tiredness from their busy day or from being over stimulated. It is quite normal, and you don’t have to stress yourself.

Here are few vital tips to handle your toddler’s tantrums:

– While you cannot prevent every tantrum that your kid has, by being prepared, you can reduce the number of tantrums and the length of time they last.

– Kids are often hungry once the school gets over. So have a snack in the car. Giving them their favourite snack will not only take the edge off their hunger but also distract them from getting upset. You can choose a healthy snack like cheese, small bites of fruit as well.

– They have been away from you for hours together and missed you. Once your kid returns from the day care dee why, spend quality time. A big hug and a soft kiss can help reduce their anxiety. Ask your toddler what they did and how was their day. Interaction gives more information about the dee why kindergarten too.

– Feed as early as possible. Get it ready before you start to pick your child. Don’t make them wait for a long.

Though it might be a bit harder for both of you at the beginning, it has a happy ending as well. Keep in mind toddlerhood is all about changing and adapting. Enjoy this stage, and it will be easier for both of you.

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