Leadership is the capability of a leader to form a group of people and organize so that they can work together or in a more effective way towards the way that achieves a shared vision and goal. Organizations that invest in leadership development perform better than those that don’t. Leadership plays an important and significant role in the organization’s operation today.Investment in leadership development:

  • Improve bottom-line financial performance.
  • Attract and retain talent.
  • Drive strategy execution.
  • Increase success in navigating change.

Elements of Leadership Development Program

  1. Determine the best leadership style for your organization
  2. Identify current and potential leaders in your company
  3. Identify leadership gaps
  4. Develop succession plans as per the business requirement
  5. Develop a skills roadmap for future leaders
  6. Develop retention programs for both current and future leaders

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On, the other side Entrepreneur is a businessman who is responsible for the entrepreneurial process. In, other words, he takes the charge to manage and lead the organization objectives.

Entrepreneurship is the process of performing the roles of an entrepreneur. It may also be defined as the process of creating a group of people of pulling together a unique package of resources to exploit an opportunity. Business Entrepreneurship encompasses various activities which are carried out to ensure the better survival and growth of the business that includes an exercise involving innovation and creativity that will go towards establishing his/her enterprise.

From the above discussion, we can conclude that the key to identifying, attracting, filling, and retaining corporate leadership we need a well-designed leadership development program. Because on one side a good leader can make a weak business plan strong, but on the other side the best plan can be ruined by a poor leader. This shows the importance of developing an effective leadership program for each or every organization.

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