Wedding is coming and it’s high time to think about the outfits of your bodyguard. They will be even more proud when they bring the wedding rings, or will hold the trail of the bride. So how can these little kids suits be their best ally on this festive day? How to choose their outfit to prioritize the comfort aspect foolproof without forgetting the style?

Summer set for bohemian weddings

You usually prefer the shorts version for the little ones and the Bermuda version below the knee for the older ones. It is then associated with a shirt that can be worn with straps for a bohemian touch, with the collar open for a more casual version. Finally, you can also opt for boys suits vest that will be worn open, matching the summer set for a retro note. The groomsmen’s summer costume goes very well with bohemian and country ceremonies.

Long suit for a chic and traditional wedding

The three-piece boys outfits jacket-pants-vest will de rigueur for a chic wedding and will appear as the ideal ally for half-season weddings. Exit the costume too stilted or made of an unpleasant material, we like the comfort of cotton or the lightness of linen and your little groomsmen will thank you. The suit trousers also have their style. Elegant cut for the pleated trousers, and more casual look for the Leon linen trousers with its pretty lapels. One does not hesitate to adopt the tendency of the moment of the gray suits for boys.  It’s the finishing touch of any groomsman’s outfit. The chosen accessory will set the tone according to the desired style.  If the budget is smaller, we can very well standardize the outfits of the children of honor on a basic color code.

The comfort of a formal dress

In order for groomsmen to feel comfortable in their outfits, it is essential to choose pleasing materials and linings such as cotton or linen that the ceremony takes place in the middle of winter, or under a summer sun. Also, we will put more on outfits in which they will be able to move all the day. Because we know, boys do not hold up. It is not advisable to buy the processional costumes a year in advance.

Conclusion: Be beautiful

Male elegance is above all a match between your physique, your personality, and the garment. The first quality of suits for little boys should be to showcase their purity and style. The little children of honor, it’s the marshmallow heart touch of your wedding. And even if managing these little blond heads always requires a minimum of logistics, see them proudly advance in the aisle and then frolic between the guests dressed in princes and princesses, would give a smile to any Grinch.

About us:- Depending on the theme of the wedding or the dominant color chosen, add a touch of color on the dress of the children of honor, for elegant outfits on D-Day.