Ben Simkin

In addition to working on Facebook and online marketing, Ben Simkin, the leading American entrepreneur invests his time to advise businesses on how to propel their growth. He has helped businesses to get over from a loss of $500,000 to $10 million in sales within a mere 12 months.

Here are the five proven approaches that can significantly grow your company towards multi-million dollar status as stated by Ben Simkin.

Focus on the Results

Rather than focusing wholly on your company’s product, shift your focus to what outcome you will provide to your target audience. Portraying the solutions distinctively is a sure-fire way to increase sales. This generates a more creative way for you to demonstrate your value and allows you to offer complete solutions to your audience seamlessly.

Be Responsible

The first step towards success is to see yourself as being morally responsible for ensuring that your client gets an optimum outcome. Do whatever you can to achieve the desired outcome of the customer as it demonstrates your passion for what you do.

Be Boring

Most of the entrepreneurs tend to be overly creative and take on exciting new opportunities and jobs. While this may seem enticing, it is a wrong approach. Initially, you have defined the outcomes and solutions your company will provide. So, split these procedures into a step-by-step process and put specific professionals to deliver these solutions to your clients.

After doing these, you can see tremendous growth in the sales velocity and these sales generated in the faster amount of time will lead to increased profit. Meticulously organise your entire processes such as phone calls, emails, and sales appointments to step yourself away from the process without causing a halt in delivery.

Increase Your Profit

An important step in this success journey is making more profit per customer than your competitor. When looking to improve your profits, innovation is the key, and this doesn’t need to be expensive. Innovation simply means finding better ways to do within your organisation. You can also launch new products and services to increase your profit per customer.

Use the Profit Wisely

If you have reaped more profit, don’t plan to pocket it or blow it all on a brand new car. Use this profit to invest in advertising your business to win more leads and profits. Create a separate bank account to invest your new-found profits so that you will be less tempted to use it elsewhere.

Follow these five steps diligently to redefine your business strategy and provide the best possible outcomes for your clients.

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