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Whenever the question arises “How much advertising are you doing for your past or current clients?” most business people’s answer will be “What is the need for advertising people I have already advertised for?” or “I spend all the advertising on my prospective clients only”. But according to Ben Simkin, “If you are not spending money or making any efforts to advertise to current or past clients, you are literally leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table.” Read the articles to know how important it is to focus some of your advertising energies and resources on your current and past clients.

Give Importance to the Clients You Already Have

The clients you already worked with are the ones for whom you have spent your advertising money on, and they are the great source of profit and business growth. Ben Simkin shared his personal experience in increasing the business of his already existing client. The client was a dentist who has made additions to his team of dentists within his practice and found that he didn’t have enough active patients. For him, Ben Simkin concentrated on those patients who had already used this dentist’s services. Initially, Ben Simkin and his team mailed 1000 letters to just half of the list of inactive patients. As a result, 160 inactive patients called the office and booked the appointment, and they made them the regular patients.

Maximizing Your Investment

In the case of the dentist, Ben Simkin and his team maximize the investment of the efforts and strategies made the patients of this dentist in the first place. What this dentist and Ben Simkin did together is just execute one strategy to be able to generate clients on demand.

Client on Demand for Business Growth

According to Ben Simkin, one can’t build their business without the ability to generate clients on demand. Every businessperson should always have several strategies at the ready to be able to reach into the existing client base and generate clients on demand. When you are able to generate more clients on demand, you grow your business, which means you can

– Add profit to your business

– Afford more overhead to support your business functions

– Hire necessary employees

– Avoid any losses during slower times in terms of business growth

– Earn yourself the freedom to have time off, go traveling, and return to an ever-growing company

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