Ben Simkin

When it comes to Facebook advertising, it is often confusing and frustrating, especially for people who are looking for new clients from it and grow their business. Ben Simkin, an esteemed Australian entrepreneur, successfully cracked the code surrounding Facebook ads and resulted in generating over $1 billion in sales from Facebook ads alone.

In the past few years, organic success on Facebook has become harder for brands. With the upcoming change to its news feed, this becomes very complex. But, the same doesn’t apply to paid advertising ads.

Facebook has presented marketers and business owners with a large number of options to promote their content to reach the right audience. Hence, it has become the right tool to reach out more customers.

If you are planning to leap over to pay Facebook promotion, look into the following criteria to set up your Facebook Ad.

– Decide on your marketing objectives and pay only for what matters most to you.

– Select your target audience to give your ads the best chance of converting.

– Decide where you want to run the ads as ads aren’t restricted to Facebook itself, but can also display on other Facebook-owned properties like Instagram and Messenger, and within other mobile apps via the Facebook Audience Network.

– Set your budget

– Pick the right format for every campaign.

– Track your ad’s performance.

Ben Simkin says, “I was initially losing money, but I was still seeing success. One week I would do very well and get a lot of leads and sales, but the next week I would see very little and basically go backwards. Because of the successes I was seeing, I knew it had huge potential. I call it trial and error simply because I didn’t quite know how to harness the potential at this point.”

All business owners want to experiment with Facebook ads to promote their products and services. But, 62% of small businesses feel like their paid Facebook Ads are failing.

According to Ben Simkin, the leading Australian entrepreneur, “Facebook ads have come such a long way since the very first ads started. For example, they didn’t have news feed ads when it was first launched, and, from the recent announcements at F8, it is clear that they are now making things a lot more sophisticated. This gives advertisers remarkable opportunities to present their business and services to a lesser targeted audience.”

From recipe books to yoga retreats, they have sold pretty much everything that improved the sales growth of the businesses.

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