For doctors working in New Zealand, undertaking a locum medical job can have many personal and professional benefits and advantages. Locum positions are highly valuable to hospitals and clinics, and are often offered when extra or substitute staff are required for reasons such as:

– Filling in for staff on sick leave or annual leave.

– Occupying vacant roles while hospitals or clinics are under pressure, or while management are recruiting permanent staff.

– Providing additional medical staff when waiting lists are overloaded, or specialist care is required.

Why choose locum work?

For doctors doing locum work, there are many opportunities for professional development:

– Networking: taking up a locum position allows doctors to meet and work with other doctors, effectively making connections with peers and superiors, that will be advantageous when looking for permanent work in the future.

– Experience: locum doctors also benefit from immersing themselves in a new working environment, and learning to work with a new team. This experience will advance their skills in adapting to new workplaces, and develop their interpersonal abilities.

Locum work can also be rewarding on a personal level, here are just some of the perks:

– Travel: with locum work, you can take up a position in a location that interests you, where you can explore the area in your time off, taking in the local attractions and enjoying a refreshing change of scene.

– Additional income: as a locum doctor, you can take up work on your days off, over long weekends, or during annual leave and earn money to supplement normal income. You can also use locum work as your main source of income while you are looking for permanent work.

– Control: by choosing locum work, you’ll be in control of where and when you work, giving you the independence and flexibility you need to foster your own work-life balance.

– Personal fulfilment: By taking on a short-notice, urgent, or vital locum job, your work can reward you with a sense of personal and professional value in your new workplace, and in the community. This can be a real confidence booster!

How to get a locum job:

Contacting a recruiting agency is a great first step in finding a locum medical jobs in New Zealand, and here at Ochre Recruitment, our friendly team are keen to help you find your first or next GP locum anaesthetist job. Our recruiting consultants are in-the-know about where locum anaesthetist jobs are in demand, and once they’ve learned about your working goals, aptitudes, and availabilities, they can help you find the perfect job, at the perfect time, in the perfect location. Our recruiters will take into account your personal preferences regarding timing, payment, and work environment, and they are also on hand to organise practical matters such as accommodation, and transport.

Ochre Recruitment can also help in developing your communication with your new employer, setting up introductions, securing key information about the position you’re applying for, and making all the necessary arrangements for when you start your locum work. Our team will also help you work out what exactly paperwork you need to submit before taking up your new job. and are available to discuss your current CV and references, along with other important documentation, so you can approach your locum job feeling organised and confident. Call our team today, and we can help you take the first steps necessary for finding, preparing for, and securing your locum job.


Hiring clinics and hospitals usually pay locum doctors as employees or contractors, and pay rates and schedules will always be discussed prior to commencing work with a new employer. Our accounts team at Ochre recruitment are here to help you sort out the details of your payment, and answer any questions you might have.

Where are locum jobs in New Zealand?

There are currently locum positions on offer across New Zealand in both regional, coastal, and urban areas. With the help of Ochre Recruitment, you can find a role that suits your interests and specialty, including general and family medicine, emergency medicine, paediatrics, obstetrics and gynaecology, and surgery. By taking on locum position(s) in New Zealand, you could find yourself living and working in historic cities such as Auckland and Wellington one week, and the beautiful coastal regions of Canterbury, and North Island the next. And if you’re not finished exploring New Zealand with only a couple of placements, you can find more locum work in regions such as Taupo and Otago, where you can enjoy scenic views of New Zealand’s stunning mountains and lakes. You can view our online jobs board, or call Ochre Recruitment and register with us today, and take the first steps on your New Zealand locum journey.

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