A person who teaches skills to people and prepares him for a job, activity, or sport called as an Instructor or trainer. And today purpose of the discussion is to acquaint you with some of the instructors and about their certification.

Lifeguard Instructor

Let us start with Lifeguard Instructors. Lifeguard instructors responsible for supervisor and administration of the swimming pool or have to reports to the pool supervisor about the pool safety at regular intervals of time. In other words, lifeguard instructor is responsible for the instruction, leadership, supervision, control, and safety of all class participants.

Lifeguard Instructor Responsibilities

1.    To observe and direct all class participants
2.    Enforcing rules fairly and politely
3.    Ensuring member safety
4.    Being responsive to member and guests request
5.    To provide feedback and appropriate correction when required
6.    Checking and maintaining pool chemicals

With this much more responsibilities are there that a lifeguard Instructor has to perform effectively. For performing the instruction work effectively you need lifeguarding Certification because it provides assurance to the trainees that they are in safe hands. And Lifeguard Pro is a nationally & internationally recognized lifeguard and water safety instructor certification agency dedicated to reducing the number of deaths by drowning worldwide.

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