Since olden times, pens have been instrumental in representing the infinite thoughts of mankind, in a logical and rational manner. Whether it’s a poet composing a new poetry, a student completing assignments, a soldier writing a letter or a scientist proposing a new theory, a pen has always helped echo the thoughts, emotions, hopes and memories of its user.

These small devices have always withstood the test of time. Even with today’s modern times where typing in computers and laptops is accepted as a better choice than writing on paper, a pen is still used in numerous places. The simple fact that courts, banks and various other government as well as private institutions still ask for your signature in writing, should be evidence enough that a pen still holds the same level of importance as it did, many decades ago. Many academics still pen their first rough drafts using pens, just like the many employees still use post-it notes to write down important bits of information while talking on the phone.

The evolution of pens has seen changes in its shape, size and form. In ancient times people used quills or reed pens that needed to be frequently dipped in ink; these were replaced by fountain pens, roller ball and felt-tips pens. These were again replaced with ball-point pens, gel pens, sketch pens and markers. Nowadays there is a new breed of pens infused with modern technology. There are tablet pens, recorder pens as well as laser pens.

Pens are now one of the top customized items. A few years ago pens were only available in different colours. But now manufacturers offer a whole new variety of features that can be personalized. Today you can order your own set of pens with names, shapes, colour, material as well as the ink colour. Businesses can even their pens with logo.

The role of pens has increased with the passage of time. Earlier when pens were solely used for writing, today people have found numerous other innovative purposes. Teenagers use sparkle pens to paint their nails for fun. Pens with vanishing inks are now used to play pranks on friends and family. Giving demonstrations and presentations has become easier with pen pointers. Espionage has become easier with spy pens. People have even found a place for pens in gift giving.

Gifting pens with names engraved in beautifully engraved designs and fonts has now become a trend. Presenting a spouse, friend or colleague with a custom text or message intricately carved on the pen cap is a charming way to express your love. Presenting a retiring teacher or employee with a pen that has their favourite quote imprinted on its body is a beautiful way to thank him or her for his years of dedication and service.

Pens are now also used for promotional purposes. Businesses now order customized pens with logo and distribute them at various events and shows, thereby promoting their brand to a newer audience. Awarding pens, pencils and other promotional merchandise to employees at various social and team building events is now part of corporate culture.

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