Seeing your fury’s face and thinking, “What is your dog trying to tell you?” Although dogs do not speak the way as you do, they too have their own way of expressing their feelings and needs. Dogs also use a kind of sounds and signals to convey what they are feeling. Understanding what your dog is saying can give you a lot of information such as when your dog is frightened or when your dog is jittery. All you need to do is just by seeing your dog’s facial expressions.

In this article, we have created few of the expressions of your furry friend which allows you to interpret the most important messages your dog is indicating you.

Sign 1

– Tail down and relaxed

– Ears up & head high

– Mouth wide open, tongue exposed

If you notice these signs in your dog, then it states your fury is in the calm state.

Sign 2

– Tail horizontal (not stiff)

– Ears forward (as like trying to catch a sound)

– Eyes wide

– Mouth closed

– Forward lean standing tall on toes

These signs indicate the dog has detected something and he is now paying attention while he is assessing the situation to decide if there is any threat or if any action should be taken.

Sign 3

– Ears back

– Mouth drawn back

– Body lowered

– Tail tucked

– Pupils dilated

– Lips slightly curried

Your fury expresses all these signs if your dog is scared but may attack if pressed. Usually, dogs will give these signals when he is directly facing the person who is frightening him.

Sign 4

– Tail may broadly wave

– Tail up

– Front end lowered by bent forepaws

– Pupils dilated

This is the basic invitation to play. These signals can also be together with barking or playful attacks.

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Just like humans, dog’s too experience a wide range of emotions. They too can exhibit sorrow, jealously or shame. It is important to be aware of your dog feelings, so that it would be easier for you to treat your fury friend gently and kindly.

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