Although the revolutionary technological concept of Virtual Reality (VR) has been in existence for decades now, virtual reality devices are only just catching up pace in grabbing the attention of avid gamers and gadget freaks. Virtual reality headsets afford you the option to get engrossed in more life-like gaming experiences when you link them to your Playstations, PCs and mobiles.

What they basically do is employ sensors, and lenses at different angles to significantly alter the data perceived by your senses of touch, sight, and hearing, transporting you to a three-dimensional gaming realm with vivid graphics and more real-world feel.  While Google has already brought relatively cheap Cardboard and Daydream View basic VR headsets to the table, the bulk of high-end virtual reality devices manufactured by other tech giants still come only after splurging heavy amounts.

Today, Virtual Reality Simulators are available in three categories:

  • Virtual reality headsets for Smartphones: These generally resemble encased shells, complete with lenses. You can place your smartphone into the shell-like device for surreal visual experiences. Since the processing of data occurs within the phone, no wires need to be connected; examples of these are the comparatively inexpensive Samsung Gear VR, and the Google Daydream View headsets.  However, since the bulk of smartphones are underpowered for Virtual reality, they leave a lot to be desired when it comes to the quality of visuals, with frequent tearing of images.
  • Tethered Headsets for Computers: Virtual reality headsets for PC available as boxes that can be connected to your computer using cables, are gradually facing escalating demand. These include popular choices like the Oculus Rift, and the HTC Vive. They incorporate a dedicated display screen, internal motion sensors, and a tracking camera outside to process data, providing you optimal head tracking while gaming, and realistic visuals of amazing clarity. On the flip side, they are pricey, and work most efficiently only when connected to computers powered by graphics cards of the latest orientations.
  • Virtual reality headsets for Gaming Consoles:  Sony’s recently launched Playstation VR headset is a remarkable product to give you a mindboggling experience of simulated gaming on the best playstation VR games, compatible with both X Box and Playstation gaming consoles. A variety of X Box One virtual reality headsets are also available, to especially facilitate your X Box VR games. These are similar to PC headsets in the way they work, also entailing sky-high prices.

Android Wear- The New Kid on the Streets

Launched in 2014, Google’s Android Wear platform aims to bring the best combination of style and sophistication to help today’s tech-savvy professionals manage time and organize their schedules on the go. A multitude of Android smartwatches, and smart wristbands for fitness are now commercially available at affordable rates. These waterproof devices can be linked to your smartphones to synchronize, process, and display all the applications and data present on your phone. They are also endowed with features like GPS tracking, heart rate monitoring, pressure assessment, and even 4G Internet Connectivity.

Thus, with the continuous evolution of technology, a wide variety of dedicated devices are emerging to materialize even your most far-flung desires, helping massively in bringing your fantasies closer to reality. Glory Gaming hosts a delightful range of the latest gaming accessories and gadgets for you to boost your tech-experiences.