Upward mobility of your business’s bottom line directly depends on your business visibility. Business visibility is one of the key aspects towards acquiring a premier business brand. Your brand is the summation of people’s perception towards your product, service and general reputation and often it’s the reason why you may close shop or buy real estate in the city. For many retailers in Kansas City, front door, and outdoor signage is a premier asset in their balance books. Signage manufacturers in Kansas City have been paying keen attention and are now commissioning innovative signs to quench the appetite.

Why is business visibility important?

A study commissioned by FedEx found that 8 out of 10 people, nearly 76% of consumers who had never entered a particular business did so entirely based on its signage. 75% of consumers spread a good word within their circles about a business based on its signage, and 68% of consumers attributed a business’ signage to the quality of its products and service.

For 60% of business enterprises, it was reported that changing or enhancing the quality of signage increased sales impacting bottom-lines north by about 10%. That is how signs business in Kansas City can influence your business growth.

The beauty of a good, high-quality business sign is it attracts attention to your business round the clock with minimal after sale input. A premier signage should be able to stay the course, and few sign companies manufacture high-quality outdoor signs in Kansas City. Outdoor signs are particularly interesting. They are efficient and affordable, but most importantly, they are powerful to cut through all the noises created via either digital and print media by attracting and directing a consumer who is ready to spend directly on your business door step.

Does my budget fit?

Even for small businesses and retailers in Kansas, it’s easy to acquire business signs and make business visibility a reality. Signage specialists are on hand to work around your budget and find the best mix of business signs and other marketing tools to drive your campaign.

Expert Advice on Business Signs

A reputable sign company in Kansas City should be able to guide you appropriately within the context of your business needs and budget. But even so, there are minimal considerations you must bear in mind. When budgeting, avail enough resources. You don’t have to spend every penny but setting aside a little more over the budget estimates almost guarantees you a stress-free experience. Leave the branding and imagery to professionals. You may have a general idea but let the experts produce the final design. Remember to keep the design simple and have an open mind to other ideas experts may recommend.


Business signage is gaining tract in Kansas City for all its positive attributes. Remember to keep your signs simple and to the point. Cognitive fluency is a tendency by humans to take preference on familiar things and brands, but which are easy to understand. For your marketing, the easier and simple your signage, the more likely consumers will visit your shop and buy.

The author of this article is an experienced signage manufacturer and runs a sign company in Kansas City. He and his team have created scores of the most impactful business signs in the city. For more details, visit http://www.acmesigninc.com