Selecting a glove differs from players to players. Some players prefer a snug glove, while others prefer a looser fit. When selecting the size, there are few safety considerations of the hand and forearm to be taken into account.


Let’s see how to determine the correct size glove:

1. Measure from the end of your elbow pad to the finger tips.

2. For example: If this distance between your finger tips and elbow pad measures 12.8”,then a 13” glove is the proper size glove.

3. Note: It is too small, if your fingers touch the end of the glove.

4. Your lower arm should not expose.

5. The cuff of your glove has to extend to the bottom of the elbow pads,

6. Leaving no part of your lower arm exposed.

7. If a player prefers a shorter cuff, the he has to wear a protective wrist guards in the (exposed area) uncovered area.

8. For more safety insert plastic for extra protection.

The below are the different types of the gloves. There are,

Hockey Gloves

1. Junior Hockey Gloves

2. Pro Stock Gloves

3. Youth Hockey Gloves

4. Senior Hockey Gloves

The importance of the hockey Gloves:

When you play Hockey, gloves are very important for many reasons. Let’s see few of those below.

1. Hockey Gloves give the better grip on the stick.

2. If you do not use your hockey gloves, then you’re hands will get hurt and slashed really very bad?

3. It protects your hands. So your hands will not freeze.

4. Hockey gloves protect your hands from getting chopped off by hockey sticks.

5. It is cold out there. So, without gloves, life is tough around your hands.

6. Hockey Gloves Keeps your hand warm.

7. It is very important for Hockey. Because, it gives more protection to your hands from the skate, sticks and puck.

Things to remember when why purchase the Hockey Gloves:

There are certain things you have to consider, before buying hockey gloves. Let’s see few points below.

1. Have you checked the Ventilation?

2. Have you checked the Stretch in the palm?

3. Do you want Fit? Tight fight or Loose?

4. Have you checked the type of finger gussets?

5. Are you happy with the design?

6. Did you get your preferred colour?

7. Have you checked the type of Fabric?

8. Have you compared the Price with other dealers?

9. Any features missing in this glove?

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