How to Boost Your App Store Ranking?

A higher App Store Ranking for your targeting keywords makes it far easier for people to find you. In turn, this brings you more downloads. If you want to expand your audience by targeting users in different countries, you will find the one-click translation function highly useful; in just seconds, your app can be optimized for localized App Stores all around the world. Reviews are one of the many factors that influence your ranking in the App Store. The more positive reviews you get, the higher apps rank.

Ratings and reviews are all about gaining users’ trust, but they also have an impact on rankings and where your app shows up in an app store search. App Search Optimization Proving that they have a direct effect is not simple, but the widely rumored algorithms used by the Store and Google Play do confirm their importance. They set up this test to see how an app’s average ratings affect its position in search results. For each set of keywords, they noted the average rating of the first apps to appear. In particular, it collates every review containing a certain keyword, including the average rating for those reviews. This will give you a quick indication of what aspects of your app users like, and which features not so much. These insights can also throw up new keywords for you to target.

If you make any changes to your app and if you update it or change price, for example — you can easily see the impact the change has, by looking only at reviews between two dates. If people don’t like the changes you have made, it’s easy to spot and gives you plenty of time to respond to the feedback users are giving you.

First Step:

First, there’s the rank tracker, this allows you to view how your competition’s ranking has changed over time, both at a category level and a keyword level. You can put a number of competitor rankings on one graph, as well as your own app, for easy comparison.

Second Step:

Second, you have the Keyword Spy tool. This lets you view the keywords your competition is targeting, as well as highlighting any keyword overlap between the two of you.

·         Being found more easily by users on the app stores, due to the fact that App Store Search is source for people to discover new applications,

·         Rank higher compared to competitors.

·         Rank higher for specific keywords.

·         Rank higher in Google’s semantic search for applications.

·         Create appealing graphics (icon, screenshots and promo video) to increase the chances of being downloaded.

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