Sales, optins or what ever you want to see happen will no doubt improve if you employ social proof which means testimonials. It is important to realize that not all testimonials are equal in effectiveness, but you do have some good options. Read carefully because what you are about to discover can really transform your conversions.

You must have a solid product or service, and with that in mind you will want to pursue studying some customers. A case study is a thorough analysis of how your customers utilized your product and how it helped them; it’s a lot more detailed than a typical testimonial. In the end, these documents will have much the same effect as testimonials, but people will not see that word. It’s just another constructive way to get detailed feedback from your customers, so that you can publish it on your website and help your prospects make the buying decision. You will be doing the exact same thing that big businesses do, and they know exactly what they are doing. Once you potential customers get through you case study, then a lot of the heavy lifting will have been accomplished.

Always remember that a testimonial used with an image of the person will have more weight than one without. That is why you should always ask for a photo from anyone who provides a testimonial.

Anytime people on your site see a picture, they will automatically tend to feel just a little more relaxed. There are no more tests designed to validate this point because it has been performed enough in the past. When you get feedback that can be used, then contact the person and request their ‘ok’ to use it.

You will need to take care to ensure your customer comments, to be used by you, will relate to your market and product. Your audience should be able to relate to the people writing these testimonials. People often want to see a guarantee that your product or service is working for others those who have similar problems. So it is a simple matter of just getting relevant testimonials that people can identify with. Your testimonials will be a lot more effective when you use this strategy in acquiring them.

Just remember that every testimonial that you list out on your site should be genuine, authentic and help your prospects take action.